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Foot Pain? It Could Be Plantar Fasciitis

Foot Pain? It Could Be Plantar Fasciitis

People experience pain in their feet from time to time. But there is nothing to worry about as it is quite common and isn’t something that needs urgent attention from a provider of Physical Therapy Services in Kokomo, Indiana. Getting foot pain is understandable, though, because we carry our body’s weight on our feet when we stand and go about our day.

There are several causes for foot pain, and it can be from wearing shoes that don’t quite fit, taking medications that can cause swelling, or getting injured from exercises, among others. One common cause of foot pain is plantar fasciitis. It is an inflammation of the ligament in the feet called the plantar fascia, which supports the foot’s arch. It is manageable with the help of Therapy Services.

The causes of plantar fasciitis include the following:

  • Pregnancy, especially in the later stages
  • Being overweight, which increase pressure on the ligament
  • The structure of the foot like flat feet or high arches
  • Having a job that requires being on one’s feet

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