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How Physical Therapy Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

How Physical Therapy Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

Are you suffering from lower back pain? While low back pain is mild in most cases and goes away on its own, if the pain you are feeling lasts longer than a couple of weeks, then your doctor may tell you to obtain physical therapy services.

Although using over-the-counter medications can help, the recommended approach in treating most back pain is exercises and other treatments conducted under the supervision of a physical therapist. Physical therapy services in Kokomo, Indiana can help you restore or improve your mobility and reduce your lower back pain.

Now, not everyone experiences the same lower back pain. Therefore, your treatment must be customized to fit your symptoms and condition. This is why you will undergo an examination first so that your therapist can determine the factors that have played a role in your specific condition. From there, they will create a plan that best suits your needs.

The treatments may include:

  • Strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • Manual therapy (e.g., spinal manipulation) to enhance the mobility of joints and soft tissues
  • Training for proper bending, lifting, and sitting
  • Use of ice or heat treatments to help in easing pain
  • Help in creating an effective physical activity program to improve your overall well-being

Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions can help you deal with your lower back pain. Please feel free to get in touch with us for our physical and occupational therapy in Indiana.

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