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Helping children gain better independence.

Whether it be an injury, birth condition, illness, or limitations that are associated with aging, Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions will help your child take the first step to gain greater independence. The rehabilitation process will include outpatient-based physical therapy early intervention that helps the child learn the skills needed to live, learn, and work in their communities.

State and federal laws determine referral requirements and funding opportunities for children from birth to three years of age.

You can expect to see your child’s skills develop each month. Your doctor often refers to these skills as “developmental milestones.” Most parents get excited about major milestones such as when their child walks or says their first word. It is important to have an idea of when the milestones should be reached. If your child misses a milestone, you should tell your child’s doctor – it might indicate a problem. Your child needs doctors’ prescriptions to be seen by our physical therapist.

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