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We run tests to know more about your current physical abilities.

Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions can answer your specific referral questions and customize Functional Capacity Evaluations to meet the needs of each case, while still focusing on individual resolution. SNS is committed to a 48-72 hour report turn-around time. We use the Occupro FCE system.

How Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions Functional Capacity Evaluations Maximize Reliability:

  • Accurate measures and documentation
  • Standardized clinical protocols
  • Standardized tests and equipment with published reliability
  • Consistent ( industry-accepted) training
  • A consistent reporting format

Types of FCEs we offer:

Baseline FCE
  • Assessment of the functional ability to perform the spectrum of work tolerances related to the physical demand factors of job tasks
  • All job tasks are tested
  • Best suited when restricted duty is available or returning to work is improbable or not possible
  • Addresses consistency of effort, reliability, and quality of effort
Job-Specific FCE
  • Assessment of the match between the client’s functional capabilities
  • Accomplished by evaluating work tolerances with specific parameters and the use of structured work simulations
  • Addresses consistency of effort, reliability, and quality of movement
  • Office Coordinators obtain a job description for a specific FCE

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