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Fall Prevention Strategies for a Safety Home


We should never underestimate falls. Even if an injury is not immediately apparent, an underlying injury can cause problems for us in the future. Falls can also increase the risk of hospitalization and lasting injury in senior citizens and aging adults. You could improve better fall prevention through services like our Physical Therapy Services in Indiana. Other fall prevention strategies to improve safety at home to consider include:

  • Wear Sensible Footwear

    Proper footwear can reduce joint pains and provide better walking stability, helping prevent falls. Consider avoiding footwear like high heels, floppy slippers, and shoes with slick soles as much as possible. Seniors should also consider buying age-appropriate footwear to reduce the risk of falls at home.

  • Identify Potential Fall Hazards at Home

    There are many potential falling hazards present at home. Common hazards to address include clutter in the hallways, cramped living quarters, loose floorboards, and unstable furniture.

  • Use Mobility Aids

    Assistive devices can provide walking stability and improve freedom of motion for seniors and PWDs. Devices to consider include canes, walkers, handrails, non-slip mats, and grab bars. Learn how to effectively and safely use these mobility aids through services like Occupational Therapy.

These are just a few helpful strategies to help improve safety at home by improving better fall prevention.
Improve the quality of your life with the help of our Physical Therapist in Kokomo, Indiana. For more information and inquiries, call Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions at 765-453-8855.

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