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Are you feeling some tension and stiffness in your muscles? Does it seem you are pulling your muscles if you stretch quickly? Are you feeling some uneasiness in a part of your body? Have you considered going to massage therapy?

Nope. Massage therapy isn’t only for high-maintenance women who want to stay young and beautiful. It is for everyone who wants to have their muscles relaxed. Not only will you have your muscles untensed, but with massage therapy, you’ll improve your blood circulation, increase relaxation, and improve immunity. Just like Physical and occupational therapy, massage therapy’s goal is to bring back the wellness of our body to normal. Getting yourself relief from tense muscles is a way for you to regain control over your life, even in the simplest way.

For us here in Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions, therapy may be the focus of our service. Still, the goal is to help you towards a healthier life unencumbered by pain, physical problems, or everyday activities. As a physical therapist in Kokomo, Indiana, being able to help you address simple muscle problems through massage therapy allows us to extend our help to more people in need of help.

Discover more of our physical therapy services in Indiana by connecting with us. You can call us through our telephone number: 765-453-8855, email us through our email:, or visit our clinic at 101 W Southway Blvd., Kokomo Indiana 46902. You can also reach us through our social media accounts.

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