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Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy after a Surgery


It is vital to understand that life after surgery is not ideal. What you do during your post-op recovery period will determine the outcome of your treatment. Whether you are having a hip replacement, an open-heart procedure, or breast cancer treatment, you will require some form of physical therapy to aid in your recovery. Physical therapy services in Indiana are often recommended – and there’s a good reason why it works.

The following are some reasons why physical therapy is an important part of surgery recovery.

  • Eases Pain and Swelling
    Swelling reduction increases healing and movement, both of which reduce overall pain. Exercises and mobility performed during rehabilitation can aid in the reduction of swelling and the prevention of chronic postoperative discomfort.
  • Blood Circulation Improvements
    Physical therapy can help enhance your blood circulation, which will aid in your recovery. Blood transports oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body, which can help reduce inflammation and speed up healing.
  • Enhances Mobility, Balance, and Strength
    Your range of motion may be restricted briefly following surgery. Physical therapy can assist patients in regaining mobility by utilizing movement, strengthening exercises, myofascial release, and other manual treatments to increase stability and improve balance.
  • Reduces the Development of Secondary Issues
    Tailored mobility exercises performed with a physical therapist in Kokomo, Indiana following surgery will assist to reduce the risk of infection, contractures, and blood clots.

If you’re worried about your post-surgery rehabilitation, let Step N’ Stone Physical Therapy Solutions assist you. We can provide you with a specialized program as well as occupational therapy if necessary. Call 765-453-8855 or make an appointment today.

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